Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bitcoin v. Thunderous Mob

"Distant throbbing drums of TPTB guide the sudden assault on the commons of the forum. These trolls are well fed, property of men. Bent not on feeding, but on mayhem and destruction. Quick like silver, shift like shadows, sly like foxes, never presenting a target-side for a clear counter. These are well-trained, barbarous people descending on the gentle folk who once considered these forums their haven. Only bloody men (and women) now inhabit these parts. Gone are the halcyon days of rally, drift are dreams of exuberant youth. Bitcoin has dragons."
-source: Remarkable Remarks

As I visited the forums today to peruse reactions of the market correction, I noticed a large influx of professional trolls. Many handles are recognizable from other trolled sites. The language and tone are nothing short of spectacular, this was well-planned and coordinated.  Many bitcoiners are seasoned vets but I do believe even they are shocked by the aim and precision that each posting is intent on. Goading the moderators, finding legit threads to frazzle and fray. Muddying the waters beyond drinkable. Wow, and I thought my day was tough.
I wouldn't presume to know which group of professionals are behind this attack. There are professionals that discover and deal with these attacks. I don't think EFF will be setting up tent to help us anytime soon, but maybe some new justice will arrive to uncover the Who,What,When,Where,Why.

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